The team of experts at Param Enviro Engineers has a collective experience of more than 100 man-years. Clients can benefit from the rich and varied exposure of the team members to address a diverse range of problems. The depth of experience enables PEE to design cost-effective solutions to challenging problems.


Parameshwaramurthy P.M

Founder Director

Parameshwaramurthy P M is the founder of Param Enviro Engineers. He holds an M.E degree in Environmental Engineering and is registered for PhD at the department of Environmental Engineering, SJCE college of Engineering, Mysuru. The thrust of his research is treatment and re-use of grey-water in Urban areas. He possesses rich experience of more than 19 years in the field of design and erection of wastewater treatment plants and systems. He has served the Karnataka Environmental engineering Research Institute as Secretary with Distinction.

His Dynamism and vision leads the company to explore new dimensions of water treatment. An optimist who views every problem an opportunity in disguise, Sri Parameshwaramurthy P M is active in expanding the horizons of industrial water treatment in India.


Dr. M N Vijayshankar


Possessing more than 35 years of professional experience in materials science and engineering materials, Dr. M N Vijayshankar is a key member of the team of technical experts. With an M.Tech in Metallurgy and Metal Joining from IIT-Chennai, and a PhD in engineering materials from University of Maryland, USA. He has been an advisor to three MS candidates for project work and one PhD candidate. Has presented papers in national and international conferences and journals, with citations in more than 100 technical articles.


C S Muralidhar


With more than three decades of professional experience- starting as a shop floor engineer, then R&D engineer, technologist, Marketing Executive and lastly an entrepreneur, Mr. Muralidhar has acquired a wealth of knowledge and technical skills in structural Powder Metallurgy and development and manufacture of Sintered Diamond Tools. Due to his abiding and long cherished interest in Renewable Energy Technologies, he has developed a keen interest in Bio-gas generation by Anaerobic Digestion of domestic waste.

Sri C S Muralidhar received BE in Metallurgical Engineering from IISc, Bangalore, in 1978 and MS (Research) from IIT-Madras in 1982. He also received an Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Renewable Energy from Teri University, Delhi, in 2013, through a two year on-line study program.


Harish H P

A keen student of Param Enviro Engineers, Harish holds Bachelor degree in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Environmental Science and Masters in Environmental Science. Perusing a career in Water and Wastewater management, he abides by the guidance of his mentor Sri Parameshwaramurthy. Whom he also reveres has his GURU with a strong desire to achieve. He actively involved in the development of new technologies for water treatment and disinfection under the guidance of Chairman and Directors.