Parisara Bio-Renewables was formed in 2015, as wholly owned subsidiary of Param Enviro Engineers. This is as dedicated unit to carry out Research and Development activities in the field of Bio waste renewable energy, Novel Disinfection Technology and Advanced Water and Wastewater treatment process.

This R&D arm of Param Enviro Engineers has been started with the aim of developing Anaerobic Digestion Technology for generation of biogas from wet kitchen/vegetable and food wastes. A big city like Bangalore generates over 5,000 tons of solid wastes per day causing immense disposal problems. All landfill sites are filled beyond capacity and surrounding areas are facing grave land, water and air pollution problems. Out of the 5,000 tons over 2,000 tons constitute wet biodegradable waste. This can be effectively used to generate biogas and a super rich liquid fertilizer which after dilution manifold can substitute the expensive chemical fertilizer, NPK, with many benefits not provided by latter.


To nurture talent and skills in developing cutting edge technologies in renewable energy and waste water processing and recycling.


  • Develop biogas generators of high yield efficiency with fully automated process controls
  • Develop Electrolytic process for breakdown of hazardous and difficult to treat effluents/waste water without the need for expensive chemical additives
  • Develop low cost, compact and efficient equipment for removing toxic heavy metals from ground water.