Param Enviro Engineers (PARAM) was founded by Mr. Parameshwar Murthy in 1997. As a young qualified environment engineer, he encountered blanket resistance to the idea of wastewater recycling. The seemingly established notion that “treatment of wastewater and discharging” the output for environment to ‘handle and take care’, was and still is the ethical Watermark of civilized economics! That fulfilled, life must go on with ever-flowing supply of freshwater by Nature -rivers, lakes, ponds, wells and bore-wells. But how long can we exploit these finite resources and burden Nature with our obsessive proclivities of all-engulfing Use & Throw economics?

Isn’t all the water we use and witness flowing in streams, rivers, seas and rain from the clouds pre-historic and recycled by Nature thousands of millions of times since the birth of this finite spaceship, Planet Earth? Mustn’t we now take the burden off Nature and consciously pay a tiny bit of our enormous debt to Her? By recycling every drop of effluent we generate and seeking ever smaller fractions of freshwater resources to do our bit of water conservation. That, perhaps, would be enlightened economics! PARAM envisions such a role for itself, however minuscule its contribution may be! .



Starting with small assignments of existing WTP, ETP and STP maintenance, modifications and refurbishment 19 years ago, PARAM has successfully established over a hundred plants of treatment capacities ranging from 5-10 KLD to 3 MLD, and handling effluents from plain domestic to complex toxic effluents such as brewery spent liquor, textile dyes discharge, printing & packaging industry effluent, auto-component processing effluent containing oil & grease and metal, ceramic and refractory sub-micron particles, and other diverse combinations.

PARAM has also developed expertise in Operation and Maintenance of large scale plants on long term on-going basis and has a dedicated arm, Param Enviro Services, handling such contractual assignments for large clients. Over the last two years PARAM has been engaged in intensive R&D:

  1. To create proprietary, advanced Anaerobic Digestion technology for bio-methanation of bio-degradable food and other wet wastes to generate significant volumes of Biogas and extremely valuable organic Super-Fertilizer to replace/ eliminate use of expensive synthetic (chemical) NPK fertilizer.
  2. To leapfrog in proprietary technology development of entirely non-chemical effluent treatment to achieve 100% recyclable water recovery for instant, back-to-back use in all applications, including human consumption.

In the light of these endeavors, PARAM has spun off a Startup, Parisara Bio-Renewables LLP (PARISARA), to spearhead these developments into packaged, complete Zero-Discharge Technologies (ZDTs) encompassing both large community-living as well as large-scale industrial operations.

PARAM and its subsidiary and Spin-off organizations together form a Total Solution Provider in the vital fields of (i) Water and (ii) Wastewater and (iii) Bio-Waste Treatment & Total Recovery Systems